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Serious guys, stop all this ******** and moaning. If you're not enjoying the RP, then say so and leave. There's nothing holding you here. Give the guys a break, it's their first attempt at GMing and you're acting like spoilt brats.

Feel free to give them advice, although you guys haven't been on all that long so I can't see you guys being any more versed in RPing than them, but don't ***** and moan because it just brings the whole RP down.

And honestly, you're just attention seeking by writing provocative **** like you have. If you had nothing better to do, then you could have easily written a post about, perhaps a character from your character's past that was in danger, or something along those lines. Much better for the progression of the story than the complaining and criticizing.

So before this gets out of hand into a flame war, quiet up, stop trying to provoke argument, and maybe start using that brain of yours for creativity rather than criticism.
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