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I know I haven't been around much due to ridiculous amounts of work from uni and I really do apologise for that, but with the whole "battle you cannot win" scenario, that's just the start of the battle that you have to fight. Luca died for a reason that'll be shown later and the royal family are on a boat to safety whilst you have to get your characters to safety. It's a battle that you can't win because it's leading you to the start of your resistance. Despite being a crucial event, this isn't supposed to be a part of the story that a lot of time is spent on, it's just a case of get off the island to safety whilst saving as many people as you can and regrouping with the others before preparing to start the battle against Moreno - that's what the whole town situation has been leading up to. I apologise if this isn't what you expected, but when would you expect a surprise attack? I think the problem has come slightly from the wording of the post in that it seems like you're supposed to fight whereas that's not the aim at all as there's no way an army of that size could be held off - the idea is to escape so that you can plan how to fight back instead.

I'm aware that the transition of STs isn't helping the situation, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that right now and Tom's doing a good job. We obviously need to communicate more on what's happening in the story but part of GMing for the first time is having no experience, so we'll work on that. Like it was said above, if you aren't happy with how the RP is going then no one's forcing you to stay, but it'd be infinitely more helpful if you'd suggest improvements in response to the criticisms.

That's my stance on the situation, now I'd much prefer it if we could get back to the plot. :)

Edit: I've been asked to make it clear that the story and plot etc are still my ideas, Tom's just writing them up into posts whilst I'm busy, so if you have problems with the story or want to suggest improvements then please direct them at me instead. :)
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