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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
"It would be more correct to categorize her as a free spirit, as she only does what she wants." Although she doesn't go against authority, she is not a going to take the orders of the family over the life of the closest family figure she has. If she was at her masters house during the attack, then she would've got him to a safe place then started helping. But she wasn't.
I'm not saying she would save the citizens over her master. I'm saying after that's all said and done she still needs to help because that's what she was ordered to.

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
@Retro Bug: You're correct in that my character wants to save the island. But I don't care about the civilians, and I explained why in that spoiler. This is basic storytelling, and I was attempting to help by pointing out these issues so CarefulWetPaint can improve as a storyteller in the future.

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Ari doesn't care about the citizens either that doesn't mean she still isn't going to help them because they got direct orders from a superior to do a job. (Well, technically Ari didn't but I'm just saying for her it's applied protocol.)

And CWP isn't coming up with this stuff on his own it's a collaboration between AlexOzzyCake and himself. I believe he's just working with what he's told so he's not coming up with this material by himself. I don't think you should be solely aiming your criticism at him and him alone.

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