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Here's my Pokemon Platinum Update.

-Traveled back to Jubilife City
-Traveled Upwards
-Teamed up in Ilex Forest
-Exited Ilex Forest

-Beat Trainers to right of Eterna City
-VS Leader Gardenia:
--VS Turtwig: Gust(x4) w/ Jeenius
--VS Cherrim: Fury Cutter(x5) w/ Reaper
--VS Roserade: Confusion(x5) w/ Argon
-Obtained the Forest Badge


Reaper [KRICKETUNE] Lv21 (F)
Quirky Nature @Soothe Bell
-Fury Cutter
-Leech Life

Argon [DUSTOX] Lv20 (M)
Gentle Nature @None
Shield Dust
-Poison Sting

Jeenius [BEAUTIFLY] Lv20 (M)
Bold Nature @None
-Morning Sun
-Stun Spore

Now I play HeartGold again and beat Morty.

Johto - Rising Badge - 24/01/16

[Current Monotype Challenge]

Kanto 8/8, Johto 8/16, Hoenn 0/8, Sinnoh 0/8, Unova 0/8, Unova2 0/8, Kalos 0/8