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Originally Posted by poggerius View Post
I don't know if someone has posted this before, because I'm too lazy to read previous post XD, but the answer for the quiz "Does Darumaka has a Zen Mode?" in Millennium City's Gym is set as "Yes" while it should've been "No". Also, since I picked Dratini at the start, my rival picked Gible, but when I battled him at Spirit Tower, he didn't have his Garchomp, but a Salamence. You should fix those things.
Darumakka has no Zen Mode.
Darmantian is the one who has.
And yes, Zen Mode is available.

Btw, this got me wondering... anyone encountered this phenomenon?:
If you battle OW Pokémon (e.g. legendaries) if you catch them, they won't disappear (flag isn't set) but if you defeat them, they do (flag is finally set) =D
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