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Finally picked up White after a few month and actually made some progress. Sad, I've focused more on filling up my Pokedex and trades and actually doing post-game. XD

Anyway last time I played I finally found the sixth and final of the Seven Sages, Zinzolin. Found him chilling (pun not intended) in the Cold Storage. He just talked for a while and then gave me Hone Claws. The Looker showed up soon after and arrested him for questioning.

After that I've decided to evolve two Pokemon just for the heck of it: Frillish into Jellicent and my Fraxure into Haxorus. Basically for Frillish I went around Route 16 and the Small Court and battled trainers and wild Pokemon there. And then I went to Route 10 and leveled it up until it evolved into Jellicent! So then I decided to continue training Fraxure there battling wild Audino as we went. Then explored Victory Road for a bit and leveled up there till he was at level 46. After that I back to the Small Court and Big Stadium and leveled him up against trainers to level 48 in which he evolved into Haxorus! Finally glad I was able to do this.

Next should actually do more post-game stuff that needs to be done.
im back