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Hey so far in Black 2 I'm in Driftveil City and this is my team.
Current team:

Pignite ♀ lv. 29
Naive nature
- Arm Thrust
- Rollout
- Strength
- Flame Charge

Umbreon ♂ lv. 29
Careful nature
- Assurance
- Covet
- Quick Attack
- Bite

Ampharos ♂ lv. 30
Naive nature
- Take Down
- Charge
- Confuse Ray
- ThunderPunch

Azumarill ♀ lv. 30 (If you get the reference for the nickname, then you're awesome.)
Serious nature
- Aqua Tail
- Return
- BubbleBeam
- Double-Edge

Lucario ♂ lv. 28
Mild nature
- Rock Smash
- Force Palm
- Endure
- Counter

Rufflet ♂ lv. 29 (traded over an egg from White version)
Careful nature
- Wing Attack
- Slash
- Sky Drop
- Aerial Ace

I have also been switching out Azumarill with a Krokorok and been using Azumarill only when needed like for Surf.
Krokorok is at lv. 31 and these are it's moves
- Dig
- Swagger
- Sand Tomb
- Rock Tomb

Though I've been thinking of having Azumarill as a permanent team member , but I still want to evolve Krokorok into Krokodile and use him so I'm not sure.

So I was wonderingwhat other people would do.
Should I just stick with just Azumarill and evolve Krokorok later? Will I need Surf alot to complete the game?

I can't choose really so thanks for the help.

Also was thinking of replacing Azumarill with something else. What's a good Water type that I use for Surf? I was thinking Frillish/ Jellicent.

Thanks guys!
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