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Stop quarreling, you two :'( if you keep attacking at each other, the problem will never be solved... You both are my closest friends on here, I don't want any of you to get hurt! If he had really stolen the tiles, let the creator deal with him, Piplup. You told me that Red-eX was active, so he won't allow leeching to happen! kebbles, life is never completely filled with smooth sailing, sometimes people will try to interfere. Try not to get angry, what's the worst that could happen? you won't go to jail... Stop quarreling alright?

On a happier note, I'm glad Alpha 0.5 is out I'll play it and check for bugs that aren't THAT visible.

Edit: I completed the shooort Alpha. There were a lot of grammatical errors, but I believe you can fix em. The other errors are that your reflection shows when u go near ur mom's drawer. The sound of the Reshiram sounded a weeee bit corrupted. Before the ginger Team Galactic member (Idk whether it was Jupiter or Mars.) there was a white screen thingy blocking the screen for a split second. The head of the OW doesn't bob, which is strange because other sprites bob Cyrus doesn't seem to have much eyebrows and seem to have a big head :D and I'm pretty sure you know the side effects of trans textboxes.... and LOL at Danii's OW! I'll update you later if I find anymore. I'm just wandering around now xD