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    I didn't get very many games last year, but of those that I did get, one that really stuck out to me was Dishonored. I found myself drawn to Dunwall in much the same way I was drawn to Rapture when I first played BioShock; the grimy streets filled with downtrodden peasants infected with plague and terror created a fantastic atmosphere and, whilst the story left a lot to be desired and it was far too short for my liking, the freedom to play how you chose was fantastic.

    My first playthrough I went all the way through it without being detected at all (after numerous reloads) and the second I just carved my way through everything, and both were infinitely satisfying approaches. I've played similar games, but it had enough originality in its presentation to captivate me. I absolutely love steampunk as well, so that was an added bonus; the tallboys were nothing so much as armoured guards on stilts with rocket launchers, but they were an interesting addition. It's a shame that there probably won't be a sequel (although I suppose a prequel might be possible) but it was fun whilst it lasted.
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