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    At the moment, I'm juggling Skyrim (I'm an Argonian specializing in long-range combat and stealth) with Mass Effect 3 (imported my Shepard from the first two games, so she's well-established as a Paragon now...and around level 30, which is helpful, sine I decided to play on Insanity this time for a change) and I have a casual file on Pokemon HeartGold going, to keep me amused until Pokemon X/Y are released.

    For some insane reason, I've also elected to start playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope International again, for the elusive and murderously difficult to obtain Platinum trophy. I love the game, but some of the battle trophies in it - plus the fact that you need to play it a minimum of three times for difficulty trophies - makes me want to beat my head against the wall in despair.