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    ★Simple Vanilla★

    ★Normal Type Club★


    Our featured pokemon Eevee would like to welcome you to the club!

    Simple Vanilla welcomes anyone who likes the normal type or any of its pokemon. Being one of the most plentiful types in the pokemon world, with an expansive array of creatures to choose from, I beleive everyone can find at least one normal type that they can call their own. As such, I encourage everyone to take their time in choosing their partners as, the normal type is as amazing as they are bountiful.

    And remember, suggestions for the club are welcome through PM/VM :3!

    ☆Club Rules☆

    1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Clubs' rules.
    2. Please don't spam, troll or harass.
    3. I plea that everyone try their best to stay active!
    4. Everyone can choose up to three partner Pokemon from the list upon joining and a nickname it if you want.
    5. Enjoy!!

    ☆Sign Up☆

    Name: CourageHound
    Partner Pokemon: Bosco the Ursaring, Luke the Lickilicky, Duke the Stoutland
    Reason for Joining: For being such am expansive and interesting type containing many animals
    Answer the current topic: I choose Ursaring and Stoutland for being a combination of some my favorite animals and having fundemental features of a natural looking creature with some awesome power to back it up. I choose Lickilicky as my partner due to being a tubby lovable blob with that "weird" factor I like in alot of my favorite pokemon.
    Favorite Normal Type Move: Return

    ☆Our Normal Types☆



    ☆Our Members☆


    Owner=CourageHound -
    SNOR(es)Lax -
    ★AlexOzzyCake -
    Olli97 -
    ★Eeveelution Co-ordinator -
    Khawil -
    WindHeart -
    Hikari -
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    Chaos Fork -
    Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red -
    AWsquared -
    ★ChocolateCrunch -
    Cirno -
    Jiggly -
    AmericanWonderland -
    Delta -
    Galoria -
    Synerjee -
    Narnia -
    Zebraskin -
    Giant Magikarp -
    Milktank Rancher -
    Iloveeevee -
    Avishka -
    Hiinotama -

    ☆Member Rewards!☆

    To encourage more posts I shall implement the medal system, just to give you guys something to strive for in the club.

    10 Posts - You get the first Simple Vanilla Star next to your name
    15 Posts - You shall receive the "New Recruit" medal
    25 Posts - You shall receive the "Super Cool" medal
    35 Posts - You shall receive the "Mighty Member" Medal
    45 Posts - You shall receive the "Super Star!"

    50 Posts - You get the second Simple Vanilla Star next to your name. If you have achieved this, I congratulate you on being such an awesome and dedicated member! :D

    ☆Club Topics☆

    Old: Tell us about why you chose your partners from among all the other normal types. What do you think makes them a normal type?
    Old:What is your favorite Normal Type?
    Old:What do you dislike most about the normal type?(Including the Pokemon themselves)
    Old: Which is the strongest normal type?
    Old:Which in your opinion, are some of the more unique normal types?
    Old:Which Normal type Pokémon do you guys wish would make more of an appearance in the franchise?
    Old: What normal types would you like to make stronger in terms of stats, abilities and moveset?
    Current: What exactly classifies a Pokemon as a normal type? Are there pokemon that aren't normal type that you think should be?

    ☆User Bars/Banners☆

    None Yet!


    Old: Voting time! With the grand opening of the club i'd like you all to vote on the featured pokemon. Feel free to include your vote in your post.
    Current: Voting Time! Taking votes for the "Normal Type of the Month" for April - May. Also Taking suggestions for more new and fun events.

    ~Best wishes from Simple Vanilla to all those far and wide~