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Fire Red Normal Monotype Challenge Update #4
~ ~

-Went through Digglet's Cave. For 5% occurance, sure do turn up a lot...

-Obtained FLASH

- learnt WING ATTACK at lvl27

-Entered Rock Tunnel without a pokemon knowing FLASH (tradition)

-Arrived at Lavender Town

-Entered the Pokemon Tower

-Defeated difficulty: 0/5

-Left the Pokemon Tower and arrived at Celadon City

-Got from the granny

-Sneakily entered the Rocket Hideout

-Defeated difficulty: 0/5

-Returned to the Pokemon Tower




-Arrived at Fuchsia City

-Caught at the Safari Zone



-Caught on Route 12 with the to use as a new HM Slave

-Taught CUT


-Taught COUNTER at Celadon Mart

-Defeated only using and - they need the exp. Difficulty: 1/5. What do you expect when all my pokemon are levels higher than hers :\?

- learnt BODY SLAM at lvl33
Badges: 4/8

The Team:

"Hayden" Lvl33
Male, Keen Eye, Naive
Wing Attack, Sand-Attack, Whirlwind, Quick Attack
"Emily" Lvl34
Female, Cute Charm, Lax
Shock Wave, Mega Kick, Encore, Water Pulse
"Kaitlin" Lvl33
Female, Cute Charm, Naughty
Doubleslap, Mega Punch, Light Screen, Dig
"Tara" Lvl33
Female, Early Bird, Gently
Bite, Aerial Ace, Fake Out, Mega Punch
"Isaac" Lvl33
Male, Thick Fat, Impish
Body Slam, Yawn, Rest, Counter
HM Slave