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Originally Posted by ClumzyTrainR13 View Post
Hello, I'm trying to make my Pokemon "Dream Team," and it required a lot of breeding. I need 6 Pokemon to be breeded to be exact, and I know this might be a hassle or project, so I'm willing to offer pretty much any of my Pokemon for it (although considering your standards, I don't believe i have anything in your interests lol). I also don't want to spam up your Trade Shop thread, so I'll post one pokemon at a time until you finish each breeding project if you like (or I could just show you all the Pokemon, but I highly doubt you would like that XD). Thanks.

Pokémon: Riolu

Nickname: ClumzyRio
Shiny: No
Gender: Doesn't matter
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Doesn't matter
IVs: Atk, Spd
Hatch Location: Doesn't Matter
Egg Moves: None
I'm not interested. You've hit up quite a few shops looking for someone to breed your dream team... but anyway, no.