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    Jack Davis

    Jack just sighed, "Look, drop it." He muttered as he looked through the binder before him. He just needed something, anything to take his mind off of what had just happened. He heard some talk about a base and what not, but he didn't care about that really. He looked down the list, murmuring to himself as he saw the various jobs, though one did stick out. Getting a cart to a lake didn't seem that bad. Who would attack a cart of pokemon food anyway? Well... besides pokemon of course. Though he did have a ghost type team so they would have a easily with any kind of poekmon really, and normal type pokemon, dark type, and psychic types didn't reside in the mountains so this would be a piece of cake! It would also net him some badge pieces so there was that too. What was the worst that could happen?

    "I'll take the Transport Goods job." Jake told the man as he turned away and headed to where the PC was. He just KNEW it was a mistake to take out Charlie! He had to get him back pronto! He just hoped his psychic could forgive him. He had to decide though who to put in storage. For the time being Delta really didn't do anything useful, he was the weakest pokemon Jack had after all! As he traded the two pokeballs at the PC he opened up Charlie's. The Kadabra emerged, glancing about and then narrowing his eyes at his trainer. there was an uncomfortable standoff right there as Charlie slowly turned around and crossed his arms with a frown.

    "Charlie! Don't be like that!' Jack said. "Look... I was wrong to put you up, I thought I could do this without you, but I can't. We had an incident and you could have solved the whole thing!" As Jack talked on Charlie formed a smug smile on his face, though with his back to his trainer Jack couldn't tell. "....what I'm saying is I really need you here to help me, to help the team. What do you say?"

    The Kadabra was silent for a moment then turned around and nodded a bit. Jack smiled, "Okay then! Well, we have a new job so we're going to be heading out there." Jack looked over at Shadoan but as he did so the Kadabra narrowed his eyes at Irek and made a neck cutting motion with his fingers. He headed over to his friend. "Well, I'll be heading out to do that job. If you want to tag along then you're more than welcome to."
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