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Lucas takes the Revive and the Sitrus Berries. He places Tepig on the floor and let’s the Revive’s energy zap into Tepig’s body making her jump up. Tepig stood up and shook her head. Lucas hugged the Tepig. ‘You fought exceptionally well Tepig! I’m proud of you!’ Lucas stood up with Tepig in his arms while it was munching on one of the Sitrus Berries. Dunn approached him, as did Leon and Rafael. Dunn had brought up the proposal of working together and traveling with each other. Leon turned down the offer and decided to travel solo. Lucas looked at Rafael who hadn’t decided yet. Tepig looked up at Lucas and smiled. ‘What could go wrong? It will help build my confidence traveling with a friend.’ Lucas looked up at Dunn.

‘Dunn, Little Bro. Tepig and I would be happy to take you up on that offer.’ Lucas smiled as he fixed his goggles back up onto his hat.
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