Thread: [Discussion] Why does ROM Hacking outshine us?
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    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    To hit the nail on the head; ROM hacking has a wider variety of tools whereas game dev is fairly limited to the RPG maker and game maker, with ROM hacking there is an evergrowing range of tools to hack newer ROMs with...

    The price for RPG Maker and game maker is a contributing factor "why pay for game dev tools when you can just grab a ROM and hack it", that is a quote from my brother...

    With RPG maker a certain level of scripting is required as well - with ROM hacking all the stuff needed is right there, all you need to do is rearrange it slightly...
    RMXP and Game Maker are only a tiny sampling of Game Development. There are countless other engines, as well as tools like XNA out there, they just aren't shown around here as often.

    I agree with what SwiftSign said, and they brought up a very good point. When I first tried hacking, I was welcomed in and shown the ropes by a few members, and felt welcome. However, when I tried Game Development with Essentials I was cast away and got very little help from others. On the note of the Wiki, the documentation is nice nd useful, but not what most people are looking for. They want tutorials that help them apply what they've read, and to tell them the practical uses of the various aspect. And as of right now this section is severely lacking that aspect.
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