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    Update 3

    Hello again, it's time for my next update. I'm no longer playing on my Gameboy SP, because it's a real pain to play on it now. So it's back to my DS Lite.

    I begin by heading over to the S.S Anne, so I can get the Cut HM from the Captain. After a few battles aboard the ship, Geodude had the opportunity to learn Selfdestruct. Because I'm an idiot, I taught him the move. Then I realized that I'm doing a Nuzlocke run and if he uses the move he's dead. So basically if I want kill off Geodude I got the option to do so. ANYWAYS, back to my adventure aboard the S.S Anne. It didn't take long before Weed evolved into Gloom. He is still kind of weak since his only actual attack is Absorb. Soon after that, Aero evolved into Pidgeotto. That made me very happy, since I love the Pidgey evo line. A few battles later, I was up against my rival, Blue. Like all my battles with him, it ended up being very close. Most of my team ended up with very low health after the battle. After that I went up and rubbed the Captain's back. (The weirdest moment of all Pokemon games, in my opinion.) After giving him his back-rub, he rewarded me with Cut. I left the S.S. Anne and then watched the ship depart. I decided to visit Diglett's Cave to try and catch a Diglett. (My last Nuzlocke run, a Dugtrio greeted me as the first encounter in the cave, and I managed to catch it. It almost killed my team in the process.) The first encounter in the cave was, sadly, a lowly Diglett. I led with Nidorino and tried to weaken it so I could catch it, but the the thing was faster then Nidorino! It hit with a level 7 Magnitude and nearly OHKO'ed Nidorino! I freaked out, and decided to switch out Nidorino after his attack. I told him to use Double Kick and then first kick hit. It did moderate damage, but the Diglett should be able to take the next hit. Unfortunetly, the second hit was a critical hit. The Diglett was defeated. I was disappointed, but oh well. It happens. I proceded to Route 11 and caught an Ekans. I named the Ekans King, since he's will become a cobra when he evolves. Soon after catching King, I engaged in battle with a Youngster. His first Pokemon was taken out no problem by Aero, but he released a Raticate. Raticate. I hate this Pokemon with a passion in Nuzlocke runs. Because it knows Hyper Fang. Which it proceded to use against Aero. It was a critcal hit and a OHKO. Aero was killed. I quickly exacted my revenge with Geodude. He struck down with a Mega Punch and defeated Raticate. Geodude was rewarded with a level up. After the battle, Geodude evolved into the mighty Graveler.

    This is where I left off and saved the game. I like updating like this. It feels more rewarding then just making a bulleted list, even if it takes longer.

    Current Team

    Vine the Ivysaur (m) Lv23
    Nidorino (m) Lv23
    Graveler (m) Lv25
    Weed the Gloom (m) Lv22
    King the Ekans (m) Lv14





    Rattata (f) Lv2-2
    Aero the Pidgeotto (f) Lv16-22

    Locked Areas

    Route 1

    Route 2
    Route 3
    Route 4
    Route 5
    Route 6
    Route 11
    Route 22
    Route 24
    Route 25
    Viridian Forest
    Mt. Moon

    Diglett's Cave
    War never