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If you wish to add in a 2nd attacker which is weak to fighting, making your fighting match up even worse...than go for it. You either keep in the 4 DCE because of Mewtwo or you drop your Mewtwo count, take out DCE and use Terrakion with fighting energy instead.
You can use prism energy instead, which allows you to run Shaymin EX and Keldeo EX which gives you counters against Terrakion and Landorus EX. However you will have to be careful of enemy "Enhanced Hammers".
Terrakion will give you the edge against enemy Darkrai EX and other decks which are prone to KOs through a good "Retaliate" such as an Eelektrik, Darkrai EX etc. Also just land crushing for 90 which is a OHKO against enemy Darkrai EX is pretty scary.
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