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More update!!!!

Well if i do say so myself this run of Snakewood is going pretty well.

-I beat Pestilence yay! and Boom-Box evolved into Loudred.
-Got Hm Cut and went up north from Rustboro and got me a Magikarp.
-While training Magikarp, Rufus died to the zombies.
-Beat the trainer who claims to be the new gym leader of Petalburg.
-Got the badge and now I can surf.
-Went all the way back to Petalburg and kept training Magikarp, where he evolved into a Gyarados!!!
-Also the egg i got in the beginning of the game hatch into a Secretegg.
- Started to Surf toward Dewford Island and caught me a Qwilfish.

Rabai aka Taillow Lv.20
Gyarados Lv.20
Boom-Box aka Loudred Lv.21
Secretegg Lv.8
Spike aka Qwilfish Lv.14


Ms. Shroom aka Paras
Rufus aka Zigzagoon
FC: 1306 7222 4097

IGN: Marco