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One by one the other members accepted after her, which gave her a sense of pride, as she was the first to say it. A strange feeling washed over her as if she was being intensely watched and dissected by someone near her. Her companion’s talons on her robed shoulders rearranged themselves, she had begun calling him Niolas, and his stance was a lot more aggressive with his aggression directed at the overly curious man that stood beside her. With a beak slightly open and wings ready for flight as if was if he dared the man to make one step before he devoured his eyeball. Tamor coaxed him down as she sung hymns Eislynn had taught her; they were solely about Tella’s divinity. Somehow he had crept up on her, how could she not have noticed someone who stood next to her? If her skills were that undeveloped Tamor knew she must recant her acceptance and take position on nearest windowsill. At least if she took the plunge on the way down she’d be overwhelmed with the breathtaking sights below and maybe even enough to take hers completely. Tamor shook her head back in forth, she wanted to rid her mind of those dangerous thoughts that were hand delivered from Dabel.

The man who called himself Roland Grey of the House of Grey (how original) had made a outlandish response that’s alerted everyone in the vicinity of what a big ego he had. Tamor wondered what he lacked in other areas to make room for his ego and who had inflated it so much? Clearly it was the only thing about him that had gotten blown up in awhile. For some reason the head monk questioned the man beside him, Percival Grey, who far more intrigued Tamor than Roland… Grey. How hadn’t she seen that one, of course they were brothers but why was one’s armor openly displayed with his belonged House and the other not? It was best not dwell on personal curiosities of others that would never have normally given her the time of day and why should they now? Before her mind had shifted onto the fact that she was yet again alone the Head Monk addressed them one last time before he sent them away with the Eunuch.

As an extra precaution Tamor made it her sole mission to be the last person in the group. It wasn’t like Niolas to have an aggressive nature to those who he didn’t know but he was very protective of her for a reason she had yet to grasp. The man’s robe gave nothing away, no clues, no hints but why couldn’t Tamor shake this feeling? Hers on the other hand would only reveal something to another Raelusian, was he? An urge to tell everyone to individually introduce him or herself came over her but she swallowed it in fear that some might reject the possibly poorly time suggestion. Eventually they arrived at a black ship and by Tella’s name what an ominous ship it was, painted all black and red as if Dabel himself had designed it. As a man arrived Niolas took off into the sky as if he were surveying the entire ship to see if it fit his pleasing. Tamor noticed how one elf perked up at the sight of the man, perhaps he would become a one-night suitor for her no doubt she’d be pleased. She was even the first to greet him this lead Tamor to wonder what the inside of the captain’s room looked like, well, at least someone would see it.

“We already have one Captain of the ship,” Tamor mumbled as she passed the others and headed onto the ship but not before she asked for blessing from both Tella and Altantia. Her distaste for Roland was growing by the minute; she made the justification that it must be mutual. “We don’t need two.”

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