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You wake up in your home in Viridian City, Kanto. This is the day when the resident pokémon researcher, professor Pine, has promised to give you a rare pokémon of your own in return for your participation in her study. The study involves training this pokémon, capturing as many others as you possibly can, and taking part in the annual Pokémon League Tournament. You will have to travel around Kanto and defeat all the gym leaders. The exact details and purpose of the study is not revealed to you. But the professor compensates your family richly for letting you go on this journey, and you're getting the rare pokémon and pokédex. Everybody seems to win.

You will travel, either alone or with friends or people you meet along the way, and gather many pokémon in order to do well against the increasingly powerful gym leaders. But more and more, you will start feeling uneasy and strange. As if some things just can't be coincidences. As if someone is following your every step. Is this true or are you paranoid? And if it is true, are they helping you or hindering you? Is there a hidden agenda to this study, something that the professor did not want to tell you...?

The world of pokémon lies ahead. Step into your very own adventure!
Currently, spots are closed.

the workings of the RP
This RP is an opportunity for you to play through Kanto in a more creative and free style than playing the real games would allow. I will present new areas as chapter posts with obligatory and optional events to include in your own posts. This reboot of the RP begins in Pewter City and goes towards the Mt Moon, Cerulean and so on.

You are welcome and even encouraged to create NPCs at any time but make sure that your posts mostly revolve around your main character and their pokémon.

Levels exist and I will let you know when your pokémon level up, learn new moves or are able to evolve. Even though battles earn you the most levels, it is not the only way! Making your pokémon appear and act in your posts will likely earn them levels occasionally. Evolution items and TMs will become available now and then. Max number of moves is 6.

When capturing pokémon, you don't have to wait for approval or anything. You may capture pokémon in any way you like, but if you are going for rather rare and strong pokémon, it'll be much more interesting and less godmoddy if you make the capture more difficult than for common, weak pokémon!

Player interaction should most often be done through joint posts, which are best created by sending a PM back and forth and building onto the text until a story worthy of a post has been made.
BUT if you sign up, be prepared for that eventually in the RP, you might be required to post a bit more consistently since interaction directly in the IC thread will probably become necessary in some story arcs. Don't leave others hanging and waiting for you for more than a day or two unless you have a good reason for it!

starter pokémon
The pokémon you receive from professor Pine will start at level 5.

[Quick Attack] [Leer] [Thundershock] + 1 Egg Move

[Smog] [Leer] [Ember] + 1 Egg Move

[Vacuum Wave] [Quick Attack] [Leer] [Focus Energy] + 1 Egg Move

[Mud Sport] [Tackle] [Harden] [Bind] + 1 Egg Move

[Scratch] [Leer] [Quick Attack] + 1 Egg Move

[Leer] [Growth] [Gust] + 1 Egg Move

[Scratch] [Feint] [Leer] + 1 Egg Move

[Tail Whip] [Astonish] [Lick] [Scratch] [Bind] + 1 Egg Move

[Bind] [Growth] [Bite] + 1 Egg Move

[Gust] [Miracle Eye] [Hypnosis] + 1 Egg Move

[Thundershock] [Quick Attack] + 1 Egg Move

[Bind] [Ice Shard] + 1 Egg Move

trainer appearance
Partly because of what we talked about in the RPD a little ways back, about playing as pre-existing characters :p you won't get to design your own appearance in this RP. You will choose from the trainer designs below. However, you will be able to fully customize and determine their personality!
Kalos male Kalos female

Johto female Johto male

Sinnoh male Sinnoh female

Hoenn male Hoenn female

Unova male Unova female

1 - Follow all the PC and Roleplay Corner rules.

2 - The rating is T. I don't see a reason to describe battles, romance or injuries with more detail than this rating will allow ^^ You are free to describe pokémon battling in a way you feel comfortable with, but things should be closer to the anime's style than to a bloody war or real life streetfight.

3 - Be polite and nice OOC. I have the final word on everything, for the sake of organisation.

4 - Reservations last for a couple of days and you may reserve starter and appearance. Take your time to think up an interesting character but don't drag things out for too long.

5 - If you want to sign up when spots are open, fill out the sign up sheet found in the OOC thread. Then post it in the OOC thread and wait for my evaluation :>

6 - Post at least ONCE a week. There is no minimum post length beside that in the Roleplay Corner rules, so make tiny posts now and then if you're having busy days or longer posts if your fingers feel happy~
Only sign up if you feel eager to make up your own pokémon trainer adventure and have some time to spare. Thank you :D

sign up sheet
Name: (up to your imagination)
Age: (13-15, sorry but the professor only chose young teenagers for her study :3)
Trainer: (type here what trainer appearance you choose from the images above. Be sure to state the exact names I've given next to their pictures to avoid misunderstanding)
Starter: (type here what starter you'd like from the list above, and write what egg move you'd like it to know as well)

Good personality traits: (list 2-4 positive personality traits that you think defines your character and that you can develop the personality around as the RP progresses. You may explain the traits in detail if you want)

Bad personality traits: (list 2-4 negative personality traits that you think defines your character and that you can develop the personality around as the RP progresses. You may explain the traits in detail if you want)

Interests and hobbies: (list, and explain if you want, some things your character likes to do in their free time. Dreams and aspirations can be listed as well. Pokémon training should be obvious, so no need to list that)

Brief history: (no thesis length essay is needed, but you should outline something about their family and where and how they grew up - try to make the personality traits you listed above make sense with regards to the history!)

Roleplay sample: (can either be something new featuring your character, or a recently made post from another RP that shows how you are planning to write in this RP)

player list

For this reboot, players will start in Pewter City. After being accepted, you can choose two more pokémon from the Route 2 or Viridian Forest that your character could have captured on their way to Pewter City.
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