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    These come in no particular order:

    1. Typhlosion - Typhlosions awesome and I gots flaming vents from my back
    2. Gengar - My favorite ghost type
    3. Arcanine - Awesome tiger dog
    4. Ursaring - I'm a bear. NUFF SAID
    5. Croagunk - Wouldnt mind bein a poison dart frog
    6. Staraptor - The coolest Normal/Flying type imo
    7. Bulbasaur - Wouldnt mind usin that photosynthesis wilist having a symbiotic plant on my back
    8. Marshtomp - Wouldnt mind
    9. Gliscor - I'm batman. Jk but still really cool being a giant vampire bat scorpion
    10. Zangoose - Ninja mangoose