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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    So he just heard of pokémon and thought he'd forget about the real world for a while? Fair enough.

    It doesn't matter very much at the moment, where he is in the real world when he's playing MAO, no. It might in the far future though. I find it a bit difficult to read SUs written from first person perspective, but you seem like a capable enough writer so I'll accept you with this :3

    I almost thought you were asking Where can I start? out of character as a question directed to us in this thread You are free to start in any of the areas presented in the second post of the IC thread, anyways, and you may move freely between areas and do what you think your character would do.
    The beauty of writing in the first-person perspective is that you have always to re-read the text in order to understand the real meaning of it. That's why I always write that way. And because is a lot more easy to me hahaha.

    I would never ask "Where can I start?" in the middle of a SU xD! Thank you for accepting me. We'll see each other around!

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