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    Wanted to give a small little update! I'm still here, and still working on this project, but I've come to sort of a standstill. I think I officially know all that can be known without understanding the inner workings of the game. How it changes scripts, what it puts on the stack, that kind of stuff. What I really need is someone who is really good at looking at the internals of a game and understanding how it works. I know a little of ASM, but I have no real debugger of sorts. DS games are harder to debug, after all. I might use other emulators than No$GBA, but it's fastest on my compy, and debugging would go real slowly on other emulators. We'll see.

    Another new piece of news, is I was able to contact Sebbe! I thought I emailed him yesterday, but apparently I didn't and I'll have to remake it. Oh well. I'll do that today, then. Either way, that means I may get much more info on Blue and Red Rescue Team! I'm getting excited already =P

    All that said, updates will be much less frequent until summer. I'll still work on it a little each day if I can, but don't expect a beta anytime soon. I have ideas on how I can continue, and it all starts with understanding actions. =) So I'll work on understanding those next. So, until next time, I'm out! =D
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