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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    Although we've hardly seen a glimpse of what the new world will look like, I think we've seen enough to make some good guesses about where our journies will take us next October. So what kind of towns are you hoping/expecting to come up in Gen VI?

    From the announcement video the game looked to me to be somewhat old-fashioned and very adventurous in respect to the world/towns, so perhaps we'll be seeing some old western style cities or maybe even a jungle town! Perhaps even a city within a cave or mountain?
    I doubt jungle town if it is based of europe. Also, if it IS based off Europe don't expect any deserts unless you happen to be in Pokémon equivalent of Spain. It is likely that a city may be built into a cave/mountain. I'm guessing the mueseum will be built into a cave.
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