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    I used A-Mart to edit some of the marts in my FR Hack, and now Lavender's mart is glitchy. It shows a string of random letters instead of an image, if you try to buy anything it says you have no room, and when you exit the menu the game blacks out and never comes back.

    I went into the script and for some reason it had an extra checkflag and return added to the end of the script instead of release and end, so I removed those. But the problem was still there. So I went into a backup of the Hack and pulled up the script from that, and there seemed to be no difference except for the #raw word values, which are what I changed.

    Finally, I wrote a new script that looks almost identical to the old one but with new offsets. This ALMOST worked, except that when I have a 3-digit hex value as a #raw word (ex. #raw word 13F), it only reads the last two (the 3F part) and so displays the wrong item. I checked other mart scripts and that doesn't happen...

    Can anybody help me? I'll attach the most current script...

    EDIT: Apparently it wasn't just Lavender. Fucshia's is messed up too, and who knows how many others...

    #org 0x802159
    special 0x187
    compare LASTRESULT 0x2
    if 0x1 goto 0x81A7AE0
    msgbox2 0x81A6211 '"Hi, there!\nMay I help you?"
    pokemart 0x880217F
    msgbox 0x81A5190 '"Please come again!"
    callstd 0x4
    #org 0x1A7AE0
    ' MartItems
    #org 0x80217F
    #raw word 16
    #raw word 3
    #raw word 18
    #raw word E
    #raw word 13F <-these are the problem three...
    #raw word 142 <-I don't know what's going on
    #raw word 148 <-with it...
    #raw word 55
    #raw word 53
    #raw word 0
    ' Strings
    #org 0x1A6211
    = Hi, there!\nMay I help you?
    #org 0x1A5190
    = Please come again!
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