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Oh lord. Okay, where to start.

I've played hookie, or cut class as it's more commonly referred to here, a multitude of times. And then there are those scenarios where it's sorta like cutting, but not really.

The times where I've never shown up to class are not often, but there's a decent amount. I started cutting freshman year in high school when I figured I could be eating lunch during my art class rather then dozing off. I was doing so well, had a 95 average in the class. The cutting cost me big time, my final exam grade was a 74 and my 95 went down to an 80. Yikes.

I had stopped cutting class till right after college applications were done. I could blame senioritis, but I just felt liberated. And so I didn't show up to class. =/

EDIT: Oh, I've never skipped school. As in left the house and went somewhere else. Once or twice, I did stay home though.

Question: If you I show up to class, and get marked present for the attendance sheet, then leave for the entire period, is that cutting/playing hookie? My friend keeps saying it is, but I keep arguing with her. Blah

Funny story, though. for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I would do that for Photo class, and get away with it. Then on the last day, my teacher caught me and I got busted. D;
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