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Originally Posted by jov0006 View Post
I doubt jungle town if it is based of europe. Also, if it IS based off Europe don't expect any deserts unless you happen to be in Pokémon equivalent of Spain. It is likely that a city may be built into a cave/mountain. I'm guessing the mueseum will be built into a cave.
There is no desert in New York, but Unova had one anyway. I think it's safe to say that even if the region is primarily based off of France, it won't stop GameFreak from incorporating other European styles and locations as well. This will help diversify the region and not make it feel flat or dull in the manner of speaking.

To echo those who've already mentioned it, I'd love to see some of the towns with cobblestone streets and old buildings and towers. But like some have also said, I'd also want some towns or outside routes to have rolling green hills, old farms, etc. and so on.

I think with a European edge, many of the towns can turn out to be quite charming and beautiful. At least that's what I'm hoping for.
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