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Hi guys! I'm able to trade again and take RNG requests! However due to school, I'm only taking a maximum of two at a time and they will probably be completed much slower than they used to be. And my Pokedex fillers will be unavailable for a while until I can get those Pokemon on to Black 2 (which will be able to RNG and trade with soon enough, but Black will still be the main). So yeah! Did y'all miss me? ;)

And while I'm here...

Hi mac just wondering if you had time to capture this pokemon:

Pokémon: Cobalion
Nickname: TheCob
Gender: _______
Nature: Naive/Jolly
Ability: Justified
IVs: 31-HP 31-Speed 31-Atk
Ball: luxury ball

And if you can i would like to have it shiny and holding a life orb. Thanks a lot mac and take your time ^_^
We don't do legendary capture requests I'm afraid. ;(
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