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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    That would imply less skilled hackers have no part in it, or at least next to nothing.
    Not necesarily, they could vote and help decide. Also, we could use it as teaching tool for young hackers. We could asign them to write the basic scripts and then as we see them getting better and better, they get tougher and tougher assignments. If they don't like their jobs, we find someone else. Maybe, an experienced scripter is paired with a beginner. They work together and the younger (in terms of experience) can learn under the older one.

    But then again, everyone could end up hating each other. This could bring us all together or it could tear us apart. But if everyone is only in it to make a hack by everyone and nobody's in it just for their name in the credits, then we shouldn't have a problem.

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