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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
There are also these things known as tasers and pepper spray.

These are defensive weapons. Weapons whose primary purpose is to defend.

Guns aren't defensive weapons. Their primary purpose is to kill. And killing isn't defensive, it's offensive.
I was told recently that tasers and pepper spray are illegal in a lot of places that aren't the US, which I find absurd. However, it's also hard to get a taser in the US. I do support making non-lethal weapons easier to obtain, I agree they're often a better choice.

However, note that firing a taser, which causes muscle contractions, at a mugger (probably tense and with poor trigger discipline, meaning they'll be clutching the trigger instead of the trigger shield like they should be) is probably not the best idea. I'm not sure about pepper spray, but it could potentially have the same effect. The force of a shot from certain kinds of guns, if it hits the right spot, can easily knock a person over, though.
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