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Pokemon Soulsilver: Update #1

Player: Sophie

Recently I've been looking through all of my Pokemon games and found my old Soulsilver! I decided to pick it up and freshly restart the game, after watching the introduction with Team Rocket, a mysterious red-headed boy and three powerful beasts, I started up the game, hoping to try out a fresh new team through my adventure. Without further ado what has happened so far :3:

•I started off to see Professor Oak who greeted me and introduced me to the world
of Pokemon.
•Chose the female protagonist and named her Sophie after myself.
•Headed over to Elm's lab and got shoved by a red-haired boy next to the window before
chose my starter, a female Chikorita which I called Sakura.<3
•Finished the basic tutorial, such as getting the Pokedex, defeating my rival
and delivering the Mystery Egg to Professor Elm.
•Received Pokeballs and caught myself a Rattata for HM Slave purposes :3.
•Trained up Sakura for a bit before defeating some trainers on Route 30.
•Caught a male Zubat in Dark Cave which I called Sonic :3.

Current Team:

Sakura (Chikorita)
Level 13
-Razor Leaf

Sonic (Zubat)
Level 4
-Leech Life

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