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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
In a republic(like that of the u.s.) do you let everyone vote on every bill? No the majority just vote for the few to "represent them". This is a similar case, and I am sure you can find at least 20 qualified, willing hackers. That is if the project is represented in a professional way.
...But that's the government, and this is a community. The government is made up of those who are supposedly "qualified" to lead and make decisions for us (in most cases). However, a community is made up of people that aren't really qualified to do anything. A community is simply made up of those who reside together. Community Colleges don't require much in the way of education, that's why they have students with varying skill sets, grades, and IQs. Same with, say, a neighborhood. All that qualifies a neighborhood to be a community is that they have the money to live where they do...and that's it.

No one has to be qualified to make a hack, and no one should be turned away from helping out their community for any reason other than that they are not qualified to do higher level work (in which case, they should be suggested another job). That's the beauty of a community. It is in that variety that we make something that could not possibly be made with a small number of people. Communities aren't republican, they are democratic, and that is why they are effective: everyone in the community has a say. Sure, opinions may clash, but it is through such clashing that we can create and compromise, and as such, can make a hack truly representative of who we are as a community.
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