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Technology has changed our lives, therefore it has also changed education as well. So, having computers in school would make things easier when you learn stuff, right?

Well, kinda. xD

For those of you who are in school, whether grade school or college/university (whether past or present!). Tell us about the computers at your school. Are they super restrictive in terms of accessing certain websites like Facebook, Twitter, or even PC? What OS are they on? What are the models? Etc! You don't have to go all too technical on it, though!

In high school, the computers were extremely strict with their usage policy. Pretty much 99.99% of the internet was blocked. There was literally no use with them except for word processing. If I want to do homework that would require me to do some researching, I would have to wait till I get home at night to do so. Back then we were using Windows 2000 until my senior year, they finally upgraded to XP.

In college, the computers at the various labs around campus still carry this restriction, but it was less stricted than high school. Sites like facebook and youtube were blocked, but not Twitter. Although, the only worst part is that the majority of the computers had IE 6 (some with IE 7) which was literally HORRIBLE, because it was slow as hell. All computers had 4 GB RAM, and Windows 7 Professional. How could they NOT upgrade the browsers? >_>

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