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Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
American democracy is only one way to have a system of government and quite frankly, the notion that what works on a large-scale (A country of over 300 million people) would work on the small scale (~20 people) and vice-versa just doesn't seem to be correct. When you factor in the idea that everybody can talk to anybody on the internet as we are not restricted by distance (only sleep schedules) it makes less sense to restrict people from having a say when attempting to create a democracy. Here we're not limited by the enormous size and expense of a census that somewhere like America or even relatively smaller countries like Australia would have to shoulder if they wanted to get the ideas of the majority of their citizens, which is why they have representatives. At this size, a tribal system where there's a chief, specialists and volunteering workers each with a vote seems fine to me since ideas can be exchanged quickly, fluidly and there's still a sense of order.

But if we do decide on a Dictatorship, I shotgun the role of Dictator.

I suggest we allow anyone to suggest ideas, some sort of council who decides on which ideas should (if actually viable) be voted on, and then allow the masses to vote "yay" or "nay".

That said, I still don't like the idea of a community hack. Though, I suppose, if there is enough support I would work on it.
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