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The announcement was more of a nuisance to Sora and it annoyed him more than it angered him. The only way he would truly be affected was he might have to quit his job which was nothing in comparison to if he was unable to use CLOUD as his primary source of income, the world of CLOUD would be more aggressive towards most other people, and if he lost, he would be unable to play again, assuming this announcement isn’t some kind of scam or the work of some mastermind hacker. Sora patiently tapped his foot, putting more and more force behind it the more the announcement stretched out. For one thing, he definitely had to make sure this new update wasn’t a sham although if it were true, he would have to make sure he didn’t put himself at risk.

When ICARUS disappeared and Umi_no_Uta regained mobility, Sora immediately departed from the arena, due to the fact that since millions of DAEMON were there and it was an arena, present companies reaction would not be pretty or safe for that matter. Sora’s DAEMON shoved others forcefully out of his way before most could react although as soon as Umi neared one of the exits of the area, different DAEMON in the area began to slaughter each other, making the area appear like some kind of super sudden death mosh-pit but this did serve once purpose: it showed that this announcement was not a loud of hogwash.

One thing that was for sure to Sora, he would have to be able to center his character on combat be at the same time, he would have to be able to maintain his prosperity in trade. One thing that he feared most was the fact that trade might be nothing more than a distant dream now that people were reacting in such a chaotic manner. He was afraid for, not only not being able to play CLOUD, but also having to work under the employment of someone else for a living. He disliked the feeling of someone else having dominance over him or even control in the slightest.

Would he have to be protective of Umi_no_Uta for the rest of his life or will ICARUS soon put a restriction in the distant future. The results of this would be catastrophic and Sora knew that he would have to make some sort of plan. Some people would probably betray others who they were comrades with but Sora wouldn’t do anything of the sort. He knew he would only kill in self-defense and even then, his conscience would bother him afterwards about it. Sora didn’t want to admit that he felt an obligation to maintaining at least a neutral morality even to himself but he also knew that companionship would be either a valuable asset or an unforeseen downfall. If push came to shove, Sora might have to form an alliance or at least a pact with someone so he could have an advantage over solo players. Time would be a commodity and he could not waste his 10 hours of downtime but maybe in the CLOUDLANDS lounge, instead of being idle he could speak to someone to form a party. Also if his computer crashed in a hostile environment, he would be screwed for sure. All of these thoughts raced through Sora’s mind as he made his way out of the THUNDER dome and as he finally found an uninhabited area in RAIN, just outside of SHOWER.

“Wait a minute.” Sora said to himself in a condescending tone, his foot-tapping coming to a halt.

A thought came to him. Maybe he could try to kill ICARUS, who was probably either a hacker or a CLOUD administrator, and use him and his key to stop the PvP conflict.