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    Mira started to explain to Nadia why fighting wasn't such a great idea, but what she said was simply too complicated for the young child to understand. Nadia stood there blankly, trying for a moment to decipher the sentence. "…Okay?" she said at last, attempting to hide her confusion but not knowing a successful way to do so. Nadia took a few steps toward the tent as Mira beckoned her forward, but the young girl then turned her head toward the vast, now moonlit desert. It was completely silent at that moment except for the 'hoo, hoo' of an owl. Mira told Nadia that she could prevent the people in the tent from hurting her in case they chose to do so, but Nadia merely continued to stare out at the sand. She turned forward again and made brief eye contact with Thorn as if wanting to tell her something was coming before returning her gaze to the desert.

    Nadia felt a weight lift off of her, and, just knowing that the feeling indicated her magic abilities had returned, she breathed in deeply then screamed loud enough to terrify even a banshee. Five skeleton-like creatures were forced out from under the sand and thrown hard against the ground by the shockwave of Nadia's voice. Their bodies shattered into hundreds of crumbled bones, but Nadia wasn't even looking at them anymore. Her eyes searched around the general area they stood in to make sure the coast was clear, but then she took a step away from the tent and turned to face Mira. 'Mira, I see a Poe floating right in front of you,' she spoke telepathically to both Mira and Thorn. A lantern slowly came into view, but the spirit's body remained invisible. Nadia wanted so much to set it on fire or scream at it, but the ghost was smart enough to get extremely close to the woman and the tent so that Nadia would avoid attacking in that direction. Nadia was confident, though, that Mira had to have tricks of her own to deal with situations like this.
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