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Auden Radke, Ekilore.

Annoying wench. Stop asking stupid questions and let me get out of this tower, Auden thought as one of the two elves continued to question the Monks about the quest. Unrelenting her questions came, ever doubtful of everything said, she clearly had too much time on her hands. Her qualms where silenced with the monks handing over a tome to her, like a mother would to shut up her child whom wouldn’t stop crying for not getting their way. With a nod she finally accepted, with the other elf accepting soon after. The next one to accept was the one of the knights who seemed to have an extremely over-inflated ego, the kind that brought immense pleasure to Auden as he slowly crushed them. The final one to accept was Ser Percival Grey and he seemed to slightly resent his choice of accepting the quest, until the monk began addressing them as a group again. I have a feeling I'm not going to get along with many of these people too well.. Had worse companions though.

With the monk addressing them, Auden shot another look at Tamor after feeling a weird intent to kill coming from her. His gaze meet the hawks, it's stance becoming quickly more aggressive as Auden caught himself raising his hand in preparation to flick its head of with a quick wind blade. Control, control. Once you're out of this tower you can go find some-
“.. we have commissioned a ship to send you off to your first of many destinations.”

What. The. F***? Straight onto another boat. I'll kill you all. His extreme anger and frustration was hidden well by his years of practicing keeping a calm appearance, as well as the hooded robe that covered his entire body. The two brothers both bowed before moving towards the awaiting Eunuch. Auden was in no mood to care for the courtesy, sightly nodding his head in the directions of the monks before joining the others as they followed the Eunuch out of the tower.

Outside the tower, the monk picked up his pace as he guided them straight back to the docks in which mere hours ago Auden had left. Tamor, looks like you are definitely a blessing to me, especially in this situation those monks have thrust me into. I might have to kill your hawk first though. He thought sensing a very angry gaze on his back, which he assumed was coming from Tamor's hawk. Nearing the docks he came from the Eunuch turned, leading them towards a smaller and much quieter port that had a single ship docked at it. Their ship. The ship looked to be of an average size, most probably having two or three decks and enough room for private rooms for each of the newly formed Knights of Ekilore. The ship was a dark black with red accents, almost resembling a pirate ship and white sails that had the symbol of the monks of Ekilore embroided in red on them. There was a few sailors who were rushing to get the ship ready for there departure, which was obviously going to be as soon as they got on it, a notion that didn't help Auden's building rage. A shabby looking man greeted them when they got to the ship, defending his pride in joy. The man was clearly the Captain, a fact that was confirmed as well as his name being Richard.

The elf who had the multitude of questions for the monks was the first to step forward and formally greet the captain, though she did in in the way of a compliment which lead Auden to wonder what her true intention in addressing him first was. He didn't really care all that much for formalities at this point in time as he heard a mumbling Tamor complaining about Roland. She passed by him, saying another rude remark to herself, leaving Auden a good opportunity to introduce himself again. Following her onto the boat he walked past her.

“Don't be rude now Dwelf.” The words were said under his breathe as he passed her, just audible enough to have her second guess the passing comment.
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