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Thnx so much ill ask more in the mourning

Actually may as well ask now


Username: Shadowmirror
Base pokemon: ursaring
Other: togekiss(can you tell I like Togekiss)
Specific: have fun with it


Username: Shadowmirror
Base pokemon: stantler
Other: rotom
Other: electrivire
Specifics: have fun with it


Username: Shadowmirror
Pokemon: vibrava
Specifics, shiny mew and normal mew


Username: Shadowmirror
Pokemon: arcanine
Specifics: RAINBOW!!!!!!

Now I know this isn't in the request form style but can I have the same bar as the chimchar one but , five more each with , celebi, Deerling, ambipom, glaceon, togekiss

Please because you are really good
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