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    Guys I only logged on to TPC because I saw this MTG thread.

    Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
    Overall, it's a pretty well-made game, though recently they've been on a bit of a power creep. It's really nice that they've gone back into a simple theme in Ravnica with the two-color clans.
    Dual lands are ruining the game. Now that we have two dual lands for every color, people are splashing every friggin' color in any given deck. Even though Innistrad is my favorite block so far, I desperately want it and M13 to cycle out so we are only left with Shocklands.

    Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
    One of the guys here played that 5 color Omniscience Door deck. That deck looks so fun but so expensive.

    Enter the Infinite + Omniramp -> =_= o O (........................)
    Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
    Yeah, Enter the Infinite will definitely be very cool in Omniscience.dek (if only in Legacy, when combined with Burning Wish - but I suspect if Omniscience combo is playable in standard it will be good there as well) - in fact Show and Tell -> Omniscience is actually a solid deck because of Emrakul, Griselbrand, et cetera.
    Eh, Enter the Infinite is an over-hyped card. It is only viable with Omniscience and is a complete dead draw until then. On top of that, once Omniscience is out, you most likely win anyway.

    Omnidoor is a thing because it actually works. You ramp to five; Farseek / Ranger's Path gets you access to Overgrown Tomb for black mana. Four Increasing Ambition lets you either get the one copy of Omniscience or Door to Nothingness. You Flash Door to Nothingness on your opponent's end phase with Alchemist's Refuge and exile target player next turn with all the mana ramp you get from Gilded Lotus and Chromatic Lantern. If you picked up Omniscience, you have enough mana left over to flashback Increasing Ambition for Thragfire, to great and humorous effect.

    You don't run Enter the Infinite here because you don't run counterspells and ETI makes you die to Sign in Blood. Omnidoor is really only a two-and-a-half color deck though. However, I'm fairly afraid to say that this deck isn't going to be as playable next set because aggro is only getting better.

    Furthermore, Cirrus is very right about it being better in Legacy because of Burning Wish. But that's only because Enter the Infinite is a ****** maindeck card.

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