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Originally Posted by Nado View Post
That's unfortunate that it can't learn fighting moves. And yes UPS is much better than IPS, albeit slightly harder to patch. I'm pretty sure destinedjagold has a nice tutorial about how to do it if anyone needs help. As far as tiles and movement permission errors go, I've found a few. I'm not quite sure how to upload a screenshot but I'll do my best to describe them:

1) In Pine Forest, when you see the reflection of the clouds on the water, you can also see it on certain tree and grass tiles that you shouldn't.

2) In the 20th Century Company building, the room to the right of where you enter has a few tiles in the lower left corner that you can't walk on but should be able to. Just below and to the left of the column below the generator.

EDIT: One more thing. In the berry master's garden, picking one of the berry trees will make all of them disappear.
As for the first error and the berries error in the Berry Master's garden,I fixed them just now,I removed the clouds because there's no way to fix that bug,and I removed 1/3 of the berry trees in the garden to fix that problen because this is also an unfixable systemic error,Nintendo did these...And as for the second bug you mentioned,it was fixed in the older Version 2.08 already,and,thanks for reporting these bugs.
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