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    Restarted leaf green a few days ago, my current team:

    Mr. Mime/MIMIEN Lv. 30- psychic, barrier, substitute, magical leaf
    Electrode/Volts Lv. 30- shock wave, tackle, screech, charge
    Victreebel/Geophyte Lv. 30- vine whip, acid, giga drain, sleep powder
    Charmeleon/Raptor Lv. 31- brick break, growl, ember, rock slide
    Gyrados/Fury Lv. 28- water pulse, tackle, bite, dragon rage (raised it from a lv. 5 Magikarp)
    Pidgeotto/Scout Lv. 33- fly, sand attack, aerial ace, quick attack

    I'm currently only at 4 badges, team will evolve but pretty much stay the same, besides some of the weaker moves.
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