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    “Steve” Rachel replied as she felt someone grasp her hand in a confident hand shake. “Nice name. nice to meet ya!” she grinned, which lead to fleck relaxing slightly. If Rachel smiled then it meant that she wasn’t in danger just yet, so with this in mind the Raichu relaxed, though he kept one eye on their new company.

    “ the names Rachel” the blind girl replied still smiling before she nodded at Steve’s further comment about Fleck, before chuckling lightly. “Determined, is a nice way to put” she laughed. “Yeah Flecks been with me a long time, so he can be a little protective.” She grinned before the girl then quickly sobered.

    “you aren’t here to make a challenge right?” Rachel then asked, a nervous tone taking control of her voice. She couldn’t handle another battle, the others had already drained her of all energy and she didn’t want to push her pokemon any further than they had already been.

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