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    Originally Posted by Fire Flyy View Post
    These ideas are really fantastic dude, I love all of the stuff you have here, I'm glad to see people here aspiring for big things rather than just compromising. I really look forward to seeing this game become a reality. Also I suggest trying to acquire RMXP [lets just say doing so for free isn't so hard]. Also, is the wiki down? I can't seem to access it.

    One suggestion though is to add more filler towns, you have the starter town, then 2 gym towns in a row. No Pokemon game really does this since they want there to be a disparity of levels between gyms and they need to give the player time to level up to meet the second gym's levels.
    Yeah, Wikki's servers kinda suck. :/

    There's actually a trip to another town and back before you start your gym badge journey- it's to that little town to the east of the starting town. I think I forgot to mark it on the map, though. It's actually kind of a late addition.

    And thanks for the feedback!

    Okay, I added a link to my backup wiki to the first page, something which I pr4obably shoulda done a while ago.

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