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Muse are a pretty interesting band for me - but honestly, lately I've figured that much of that interest just arises from how they go about making music than it strictly being good music. Indeed, I've found them to be one of the most hit-and-miss bands I've ever come across. Although when they get it right, they do definitely get it really right! I just feel like they don't do that enough given how much time they've had now. Definitely feel like they're just about staying afloat on one or two songs with every new album release now and struggling to come up with new stuff the way I imagine them wanting to. I mean, this weird rock x dubstep lovechild? Really?

Nonetheless, they've been awesome in the past, definitely! Absolution, although not in my top 10 albums or anything like that, was a real masterpiece and was imo their best work before they started tipping a little bit. Black Holes and Revelations was pretty decent too but afterwards... eh. I'm finding it harder to like them now.

However, what we should all be talking about, is how good they are live. While some of the stuff they do live is comparable to Lady Gaga's wardrobe in terms of usefulness and practicality, there's no denying that they can put on one hell of a show. I saw then back in September 2010, I think, at Wembley and they were playing a load of stuff from The Resistance which, while not totally my cup of tea, didn't matter one bit - because the show was just so incredible omfg. If you consider yourself a fan of them to any degree and you've not yet managed to see them then, well, do it. You'll not regret it.
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