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Your team is annihilated by any special attacking Landorus. Grass Knot OHKOs Hippowdon and Earth Power OHKOs Metagross and Stoutland, Cradily and Murkrow will also be fairly helpless against it. You also have the same issue with any Latios. Both have been pretty common, lately.

I highly recommend replacing Hippowdon with a mixed variant of Tyranitar that includes Ice Beam. I also recommend the Trick Room/Safeguard Cresselia that Griffy suggested to replace your Cradily. Also, my last suggestion is to replace Murkrow with Sableye.

*FEMALE* Prankster Sableye @ Mental Herb
Careful / 252 Hp, 4 Def, 252 SpDef
-Fake Out

Fake Out gives Cresselia a free turn to set up Trick Room/Safeguard or Icy Wind. Captivate on a FEMALE Sableye is a huge check to Latios, the genies, random Nidoking (and any other special attacking male Pokemon) because it will lower their SpA by 2 stages and hits both Pokemon.

With Safeguard up, Swagger is a free +2 Atk for Sableyes teammate, which for you would include Stoutland, Tyranitar and Metagross. Stoutland will appreciate it most since this allows you to run banded Superpower w/o the hindering attack drops. You can also run Persim/Lum berries in case you can't set up Safeguard.

The reason I don't recommend using the genies for your Prankster abuser is because they're frailer and Cresselia already gives you speed control. The only advantage with them would be the Flying-stab in Tornadus, I think. But if you need a Flying-stab and are also having troubles with other weather teams, I think Dragonite would be the way to go since it nails both Ludicolo/Kingdra with stab and has a huge movepool for you to tailor to your needs.
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