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    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    I'm trying to script, it's something I've never done before I got this:

    #dynamic 0x801E60
    #org @start
    msgbox @1 0x6

    #org @1
    = Hello \v\h01!\nIt sure is a cold day, eh?

    When I copy and paste the Offest from XSE's compiler i get;

    But the game warps me to a strange black room with Celadon City music, and then it crashes. Halp!
    It looks so simple.... How could this have happened? But I might have your problem. When you compiled it, did you take the @start offset or the @1 offset? The game won't like reading a message without the msgbox command, and will try to execute it as it's own command by instead of reading text, reading the hex numbers as raw commands.

    This is what I think happened. Sometimes XSE will auto select other offsets besides @start. It can get confused if you have @start2 or @begin and won't know which one to auto select for copying. Just recompile it and make sure you take the @start offset.

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