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I N T E R M I S S I O N . . .
→ Violet City Gym

It had been a full day since anybody had challenged the gym leader. Nobody entered the gym, but clusters of trainers always stood outside, planning or talking but eventually giving up and going away.

Falkner, the very first gym leader of Johto. So simple to beat in the old gameboy games. What made him so terrifying now? There was the fact that if you lost, you died. But it was also his exotic pokémon; his team no longer consisted of mere Pidgey with two weak attacks each. They were well trained and smart opponents. More so than any other NPC in this town. And thus, no one had yet, after over a week of being trapped inside MAO's Johto world, defeated the first gym leader.

But this day, it would change. That was what one particular trainer thought. He was a player, and a darn good one. Instead of rushing blindly to the gym as soon as he reached Violet, he had taken his time and trained in the Sprout tower diligently. He had captured good pokémon and fought many battles at the trainer's academy. He was ready.

Many trainers watched in awe or horror as the one called Cain walked up to the doors of the gym. They slid open just as a breeze messed up his dark brown, shoulder long hair. He looked back at the faces staring at him and gave them a tiny smile of confidence. A quiet smile, saying "I've got this."

The first battle, against the gym trainer who was working for Falkner and was the last barrier before the real deal, he was simple enough to beat. Not a very clever guy, mostly annoying. The second battle was long. He used all of his six pokémon in attempts to outmaneuver and weaken Falkner's agile birds. Players had dared to step inside to watch the dire battle and sat like on nails on the seats surrounding the roofless arena.

At last, Falkner's Murkrow and Rufflet both fell. But so did all but two of Cain's pokémon. He brought out the first of his secret weapons. Gastly. Normal type moves would go right through this one. Falkner sent out his Pidgeotto. It knew Mud Slap.

Gastly was eventually overwhelmed by the reduced accuracy of its moves and of the constant weakening that the repeated Mud Slaps did. It fainted and Cain felt his plans crush. How could this not work? There must be something wrong with the game. The first gym leader COULD not be meant to be this difficult to beat. Not with the good pokémon that could be found in Violet and the routes before that, and with the simple types of the gym's pokémon. Flying. But in a realistic game, flying targets were much more difficult to hit than in the static console games. Much.

Cain's last weapon, a Geodude, was sent out. This pokémon had high enough defenses to withstand many Mud Slap attacks despite the type disadvantage for that particular move. It also knew Rock Throw which was pretty much SURE to be able to take a Pidgeotto down. The crowd had fallen silent. Everyone was worried to their bones. Cain was actually the first one who had thought of using a rock type against the birds. Why had no one of the at least four trainers who had fought Falkner and lost tried that? Maybe they were too scared and rushed to think strategically. But Cain had been doing his thinking. He would succeed.

Minutes later, players rushed out from the gym, some looking grim and others feeling hollow like never before. One trainer never walked the streets of Violet again though, and his last words rang in the ears of the ones who had been watching.

"This game is broken..."

Falkner's Pidgeotto had known the move Icy Wind.

((OOC: this does not mean that you have to make Pidgeotto know Mud Slap or Icy Wind when you battle it. You're free to pretend that the moveset resets whenever a gym leader faces a new challenger if you have other ideas. The point I want to make is just that the players in Violet are now beginning to suspect that the inability to log out and the no-respawn if whiting out are not the only bugs in MAO...))
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