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Out of the Mario Karts I owned (all but 64 and double dash, though I have played the latter) the only Mario Kart I dislike is MK Wii, but only because of the stupid item ratio that destroyed online for me. That, and the stupid, unbalanced characters (I use King Boo, Wario and Waluigi which are the worst) and how bikes dominated karts. But, its core gameplay is still fine...though, MK7 perfected it, so it's the better game. Still think DS (snaking or not) and SNES/GBA games got the better mechanics.

Though one thing I have to say is that Sonic & All Star racing has a superior core gameplay. I only played Transformed (and it's amazing, I recommend it), but Sumo have done a very good job with it. The racing is complimented with an arcade feeling (it's Sega, after all) and a true sense of speed (because let's face, Mario Kart feeels slooow. At least for me.), and has some of the best track designs I have ever seen in any kart racer. It reminds me a little of Crash Team Racing, which I consider the best kart racer of all time. Though, I don't like the roster much, and despite finding him a great addition, I'm maining Ralph, a guest character from Disney, for god's sake. Give me Ryo from Shenmue (he was in the first game!) and Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza! Here's hoping one of them is DLC.

Anyway, anyone here got Playstation All Stars? If you're a Smash fan (and not a fanboy lol), then I recommend it. Although I feel Smash is the better game, All Stars is still a solid fighting game and the love the developers put in it is evident, even if the presentation is one of the worst, but that's from the lack of budget. If anyone here got it, hit me up for a match. I main Heihachi because I'm a Tekken nuts but also use other characters, mainly Drake, Raiden, Toro and Sweet Tooth...I'm a fighting game veteran so it's easy to learn other characters in a game like this. :P

On another note, looks like I'm getting Rhythm Tengoku because I'm craving for more of the series, and the original is widely regarded as the best one. All I need then is Rhythm Tengoku Gold to have every game in the series in every language available. :P Pretty excited personally! Still gotta play the DS game in French and German. EDIT: Looks like there's Italian and Spanish for the DS game, which my copy doesn't support. Ah, dammit! EDIT2: Karate Man is soooooooooo good in French though!

P.S: Got Halo 4 and it sucks ass. Series is dead to me. :((((

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