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    “Y-you, you’re a monster!” Those were the last words that Solomon heard of the boy before he handed over the Teddiursa’s Pokeball. The boy had hardly been able to speak, his voice weak and ragged with tears. He had eventually learned that the boy went by Jarin, but the name meant nothing to him. Solomon still referred to him as but a boy. In the end, he had gotten what he desired. The little bear Pokemon was now bumbling about by his legs, wholly confused by the events that had transpired. One minute he was in the possession of a weak boy by the name of Jarin, the next he was in Solomon’s competent hands. Doing his best to assure the bear that he was entirely better off, it didn’t seem like it believed him as of yet. It hardly mattered. In time, the bear would see that Jarin was going nowhere and Solomon was bound to be better for his future, that he assured him.

    Of the Pokemon he encountered on route 31, none of them piqued his interest. They quickly became fodder for his new Teddiursa. Even under the confusion that the situation allowed for the bear, things went swimmingly when in battle. Before they had encountered any enemies, the little bear seemed a bit dimwitted, slow even. In battle, he was sharp and focused, completely unlike what Solomon had expected. This mix of two personalities reminded him of the moon and it’s rise and fall through the night sky. That and the little emblem on the bear’s head, was what earned him the name, Luna. Although it was not a masculine name, it fit the Teddiursa’s personality and it seemed happy enough with it.

    After the group of his Pokemon had succesfully trained a few levels, they quickly made haste for Violet city and whatever await them there. Solomon always loved Violet city in the older games. The japanese style, the music, the ease with which the first gym leader went down. Yet, he wasn’t quite ready to be taken aback by what he saw when fully realized in a 3D world. In his opinion, it was beautiful. The first thing that graced his vision was the Pokemon center. Nothing spectacular in its own right, but when he turned the corner, the sprout tower loomed over the landscape. The traditional styling, the way it swayed gently in the air. It was all very mesmerizing and enticing.

    As much as he longed to explore it, however, he knew that his Pokemon had to be tired and needed to be healed. Instead of plunging headlong into more battles and whatever surprises awaited him therein, he slowly reversed course and traversed his way back to the center. It struck him as the automatic doors parted, that he hadn’t been in one for a while. Without realizing it, he had been healing his Pokemon primarily with potions. He walked up to the desk and quickly retrieved his three balls while placing them in the basket to be healed. After one of the nurses came and fetched them, it took only a few seconds for them to be healed and returned.

    Where did he want to go first? Sprout tower did have a certain allure, but his primary motivator was the gym. Perhaps Falkner should be the first on his agenda. It was only right after all. Something stopped him from doing so, however. Was it fear? It didn’t necessarily feel like fear, but something similar. Cautiousness? Yes, that was what he convinced himself it was. Perhaps he should do some investigation on the gym before rushing headlong to his victory. It was the smart thing to do after all...